Soft Services
As India 's largest company, we, Variety Services understand the importance and dynamics of soft services like housekeeping, janitorial, gardening, pest control, waste management, mail room management, vendor management and others. As professional players, we do not look at soft services as a commodity. For us, a soft service is an art - after perfecting the same as a science. Efficient rendering of these services will positively impact your business, build your brand equity and increase your employee morale.
Housekeeping & Janitorial Services
Assured Consistent & Quality Oriented Services
Use of state-of-the-art Cleaning Equipment & Technology
Specialized Cleaning
Cleaning & Maintenance of external Fencing, Gates & Boundaries
Operations & Management Schedules
Efficient Supply of Materials & Consumables
On time Supply of Equipment & Machinery
In-house Training
Garden and lawn maintenance
Operations & Management of Daily Schedules
Hard Landscapping - Footpaths, Road Surfaces, Courtyard Paving, Steps to Entrances, Car Parking Areas, Kerbs, Edgings and Pre-formed Channels, Fencing, Gates and Boundaries
Periodic Maintenance
Renewal / Replanting
Improvement of Aesthetics
Periodic Manuring & Nutrition
Periodic Pesticide Control
Maintenance of Indoor Plants
Soft Landscapping - Grassed Areas, Horticultural Works, Office Plants and Flowers, Cut Flowers
Security services
Full range of security services from access control & fire safety to parking management & first aid
Industry leading training programs with state-of-the-art technology
Extensive management support system ensuring prompt attention and response
Highest level Security officers
Human Resource processes that emphasize on screening, background checks & track records
Pest control services
Design Pest Control Schedules
Plan Control Strategies
Latest Equipment & Technology
MIS / Reporting
Disposal & Removal
Use of clean and non-polluting Chemicals
Waste management
Waste Treatment
Classification of waste
Segregation, handling & disposal of waste
Health impact of solid waste